Healthy Skin Simplified.

Multi-functional organic botanical antioxidant skin repair serum for all skin types.

The Ingredients.

35 Certified Organic Botanical Antioxidants

Certified organic shea butter

Certified organic marine algae

Certified Organic Grape Seed & Skin

Certified organic flax seed oil

Certified Organic Active Aloe Vera

Since 1987.

The development of La Janai, began with Jesse S. Metchik as a professional licensed massage therapist.

Many of his clients, receiving pre and post-surgical clinical massage, had serious health conditions. Removal of a single tumor to double mastectomies accompanied with chemotherapy, and radiation procedures, or patients with heart bypass and mitral valve replacements left them with unsightly inflamed scars and other discouraging results.

Each container is loaded with


of omegas 3s 5 & 7

The Contents.

These 2 ingredients have been clinically shown to repair, regenerate and protect skin cells:

The Benefits.

Instantly hydrates firms lifts & softens for supple luminous glowing skin


Protects skin from UV-triggered cell damage, skin aging prematurely, oxidative environmental stress, air pollution


Keeps skin hydrated during air travel, wind, cold, desert conditions, air conditioning & heater dryness.


Helps repair sun damaged skin, inflamed scars, dermatitis, itchy and irritated skin, rashes, burns & acne scars


Accelerates skin cell regeneration to increase production of collagen & elastin proteins


Helps speed up skin healing from cosmetic and other surgeries as well as soothes painful sensitive skin from radiation treatments


35 certified organic botanical antioxidants plus omega 3s "essential fatty acids" deeply nourishes the skin.


Oxygen builds new skin cells faster which increases firmness, improves texture, retains moisture, smoothness & softness

Free Of

Petrochemicals, phthalates, sulphates, parabens, artificial or synthetic ingredients, animal, fragrances, GMOs, soy or gluten

The Results.


of women said their skin felt instantly hydrated, firmer, softer and more supple right after the first use.


of women said that they loved the way the serum felt as it absorbed into their skin.


of women saw an overall visible improvement in their skin.


of women saw a visible improvement in their skin firmness, texture & smoothness.

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